In Malaysia, a firm named Podiumspot Capital Group has reportedly announced plans to build the world’s largest floating casino as part of a new cruise ship set to be christened the Crusino.

According to a report from The Sun Daily newspaper, the new vessel is to measure just short of 968 feet in length with a width of 118 feet and feature 1,330 state rooms capable of carrying up to 3,200 passengers along with 900 crew members.

“The construction cost is estimated [to be] about $560 million and will be carried out at shipyards either in China or Vietnam,” read a statement from Kuala Lumpur-based Podiumspot Capital Group. “The project is undertaken by Podiumspot Capital Group, which is a company incorporated in Malaysia. Podiumspot Capital Group is the owner of Crusino Cruise Services Limited.”

Podiumspot Capital Group reportedly explained that the Crusino, which is scheduled to embark on it maiden voyage by April of 2020, will offer two special casino decks featuring a wide range of slots, gaming tables, live games and sportsbetting outlets. The firm further declared that each stateroom is to come complete with a pair of plasma screen televisions, one of which is to give occupants the ability to participate in live casino games while the second will provide more traditional entertainment options.

“A host of other facilities will also be available on Crusino and include a swimming pool, jaccuzzi, restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping outlets, a theatre, a library, a spa, sauna and a fitness center,” read the statement from Podiumspot Capital Group.