The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has announced that they have big plans to take on problem gambling by implementing a new unified self-exclusion system for licensees of Remote Gaming. The system would help those who know they have a gambling problem and allow these individuals to request to have their name placed on a self-exclusion list.

To take part, an individual would have to fill out an application and then once the application is accepted, the individual would be banned from participating casinos that are included in the self-exclusion coverage area.

Remote gaming operators who currently have licensing via the MGA already have to offer tools for self-exclusion to players but there is currently no unification present within the tools being used. Players can simply go to a different operator when they are excluded by another. The goal is to offer better protection for players by having a unified system.

The MGA stated that they are aware that there is a gap in the protection currently on offer within their regulated environment and they are committed towards working to create a system that will provide players with the ability to self-exclude across all gaming channels, whether they are land-based or remote.

MGA Chief Executive Officer Heathcliff Farrugia commented in a statement: “The protection of players is at the heart of the MGA’s regulatory agenda, and this project further underlines our resolve to ensure that players have the necessary tools to engage in gaming services responsibly. Over the years we have witnessed efforts from gaming operators to implement various responsible gaming measures, and thus we strongly believe that the unified self-exclusion system will be well received by the industry and consumers alike.”

The MGA also is considering opening the new system up to operators who have licensing in other jurisdictions, via a subscription service. Over the next few weeks, the MGA will be working to assess the suitability of several technical solutions for a system to be created, including using Distributed Ledger Technology. This technology could create the best platform for the type of system the MGA wishes to create due to having inherent characteristics of decentralization and immutability.