The Mare Balticum Gaming Summit is set to be a yearly event that focuses on gaming in the Baltics and Scandinavia. This year marks the inaugural edition of the summit, with the event taking place at Astor Riga on May 8th, with delegates being extended the invitation to remain through the 9th to celebrate Europe Day.

The Preliminary Agenda for the Summit includes the following panel discussions:

  • State of the Industry in Latvia
  • State of the Industry in Lithuania
  • State of the Industry in Estonia
  • State of the Industry in Denmark & Sweden
  • Innovation Talks
  • Round Table Discussions Featuring Baltic regulators

Organizers of the event have now announced via press release the first set of speakers who will be providing information on the industry and joining in on panels to discuss the areas listed above. These first speakers include:

Morten Ronde: Danish Online Gambling Association CEO—with 18 years of experience in the gambling industry, Morten will be taking part in the State of the Industry in Denmark & Sweden panel. Since 2012, Morten has worked in the private sector of the gambling industry, advising clients on regulator affair issues in all sectors.

Renata Beržanskienė: Partner at Sorainen Lithuania—as head of the Information Technology & Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Distribution & Trade, Telecommunications and Transport & Maritime Practice Areas of Lithuania, Renata has a great deal of experience advising clients on how to operate in gambling regions internationally in such categories as regulation, licensing, etc. Renata will be part of the State of the Industry in Lithuania panel.

Max Krupyshev: Cubits COO—as the COO of Cubits, a leading provider of Bitcoin payment in Europe, Max will be part of the panel Innovation Talks. Max has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013 and worked for one of the largest Bitcoin Cloud mining platforms in the industry before taking on a role as Product manager at Cubits then Chief Operating Officer.

Valts Nerets Sorainen: Latvia Senior Associate—head of Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Sector Group, Valts specializes in several areas of law including dispute resolution, distribution and trade, information and date protection, transport and maritime, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Valts will be part of the panel titled the State of the Industry in Latvia

Andrius Gabnys: Managing Partner Attorney-at-Law within Gabnys Law Firm—as a managing partner and attorney at law with the Gabnys Law Firm, Adrius is based in several areas of the Baltics. Andrius has worked in the online gambling industry for more than a decade now, with a focus on multijurisdictional licensing, IP and related issues. Andrius will be part of the panel titled State of the Industry in Lithuania.

More speakers for the upcoming event are to be announced soon. The confirmed line-up of speakers is already listed at the event site and registration is open now. Seats are limited to 100 during the event.