After being appointed as the Executive Director of the Housing Market Directorate within the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Marja Appelman will be leaving her position within the Netherlands Gambling Authority. Ms. Appelman will take on the new rule as of August 1st, having served as the Chief Executive of the Netherlands Gambling Authority for a nearly five-year time frame.

According to, Ms. Appelman served as the Chair of the Gaming Regulators European Forum, a position of which she will step down from as she takes on her new role within the Housing Market Directorate. The Gaming Regulators European Forum position will be taken over by Claire Pinson, the Vice-Chair, to fill the remaining mandate of Ms. Appelman, which will last until the 2019 Annual Meeting.

During her time in the Netherlands with the Gambling Authority, Ms. Appelman helped to maintain the ideals and goals of the gambling regulator. The Gambling Authority was established just a few years ago, in 2012, creating public goals for consumer protection, tackling illegal gambling and criminal activity as well as preventing gambling addiction. Under the management of Ms. Appelman, the supervision of the gambling industry was more proactive, as well as focused on cooperation on an international level.

Ms. Appelman has contributed to the growth and development of the Gaming Regulators European Forum, first as the vice-Chair from 2016 then as the Chair from 2018. When inaugurated as the Chair, she called on a broad dialogue among members to work on the future of the organization. She will now move on to use her talents within her new role at the Housing Market Directorate.