In Maryland, a casino player has reportedly been left ‘frustrated’ after a mix-up inside the MGM National Harbor left her unable to collect ‘several thousand dollars’ she had won while enjoying a recent session on the slots.

Staff gaffe:

According to a Wednesday report from local television broadcaster WTTG-TV, Cynthia Obie (pictured) hit the jackpot via an unnamed slot on the evening of January 4 but later left the Prince George’s County venue with no winnings after casino staff misread her Social Security Number by one digit when entering it into their computers.

The broadcaster reported that all of Maryland’s six casinos are required by state law to record the personal details of any winners. However, Obie’s incorrectly-entered Social Security Number purportedly just happened to match that of an individual who owed a large amount of child support, which meant that her cash was immediately confiscated.

Child support suggestion:

Owned by MGM Resorts International and opened in December of 2016 complete with a 135,000 sq ft gaming floor featuring a collection of some 3,600 slots and 140 gaming tables, MGM National Harbor reportedly later advised Obie to contact the state agency that handles child support issues, which is the Maryland Department of Human Services.

Out-of-pocket attempt:

Obie reportedly told WTTG-TV that she still wants her cash and is not happy that the casino could only hand her tokens worth $200 alongside ‘a couple of drink vouchers’ and a letter containing instructions on how to contact the state agency. The player purportedly later even took time off work to spend an hour at the offices of the Maryland Department of Human Services only to leave with no answers.

Obie to WTTG-TV…

“Frustrated, but now I’m at the point, this is insane. You guys are a billion-dollar corporation, you do the research. I won fair and square. I just want my money.”

Casino washes its hands:

For its part, Las Vegas-headquartered MGM Resorts International reportedly told the broadcaster that it was only following the law and that it is now the responsibility of Obie to correct the misunderstanding with the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission.

MGM Resorts International to WTTG-TV…

“We are aware of this unfortunate error and have taken the necessary steps to assist Obie in rectifying this issue. Due to the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission’s rules and Maryland state law, we cannot provide an additional payout for this jackpot. However, if she presents the proper identification credentials to the Maryland Gaming Commission, they will provide her with the appropriate payout. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.”