MGM is planning a development in Springfield, Massachusetts which will include a casino and entertainment space. The company has just announced they are now planning on reducing the size of the development, which will include downsizing the bowling alley, movie theaters and retail space. This news has many in Springfield concerned now over the massive project.

The $800 million Springfield MGM project has been subject to changes by MGM after first being approved. It was not too long ago that MGM announced they would be eliminating the glass façade hotel of which would have had 25 stories. This original idea has been replaced with a six story hotel with the same amount of hotel rooms.

Bud Williams, the City Councilor of Springfield, wants to know the details of the downgrade. He is not happy that he learned of the changes via the media instead of MGM. Williams stated that it is embarrassing to find out this information second hand and said that MGM needs to “act like a grown-up” and if a change needs made, reach out to officials.

Based on the new plan, the casino block and retail block will be decreasing by over 122,000 square feet which is a 14% decrease. Tim Rooke, another City Councilor, stated that the changes will not affect jobs or revenues.

From the City Council President Mike Fenton to residents of Springfield, everyone has a growing concern of the MGM changes. Since the company continues to make changes, it has residents concerned about how the facility will be completed. Mike Mathis, the President of MGM, stated yesterday that the project will continue to evolve and there will most likely be more changes to the plan. However, the company is committed to the creation of jobs and there will be no change in revenue.