To target adults who want to get the weekend started early, the Golden Nugget Casino has announced they will be offering a new concept on Thursdays from now until Labor Day, titled Adult Swim. The new concept is based on a pool party and will feature casino gaming, dancing, swimming and drinks.

Guests to Adult Swim will have to be twenty one years of age and visit H20, the swimming pool of the Mississippi casino. Guests staying at the casino hotel will be given two free passes to the event. Tickets are only $10 for individuals who are not staying at the hotel.

Attendees of Adult Swim can bring a swimsuit and enjoy the refreshing swimming pool, have drinks at the swim-up bar or lounge in a rented cabana. Dancing will be offered on specific Thursdays during the event with a DJ on hand to provide music. Blackjack tables will be provided outdoors for those who wish to enjoy gaming during the parties.

Golden Nugget Vice President of Marketing and Hotel, Scott King, commented on the new party with the Sun Hearald, by stating that the venue is moving towards an outdoor nightclub. The brand new midweek offering for the area will give individuals who want to jumpstart their weekend something to do on Thursday nights.

During Adult Swim, the pool has a closing time set at 11pm, with guests of the party invited to move to the Rush Lounge where DJ Rico will continue to party. King pointed out that any visitor who had enjoyed Hydrate earlier this year is sure to love the Adult Swim option on Thursdays.

In the past, the Golden Nugget hosted an event called Hydrate which was quite popular at H20. However, King said it was disrupting during the setup of the band and for tickets to be sold in the area. DJ’s will keep the party going at the venue by playing on Saturdays.