PRNewswire – Players are beaming over the ease at which they can now collect large winnings from the WinPalace Casino online thanks to the changes in management and the improvements in customer service. Recently one Mom had nothing but good things to say about the excellent service that she has been experiencing at and how easy she was able to collect her large 90k payout.

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And she is not the only one, as other players are also raving about the new and improved service that WinPalace is now offering to its members.

The improvements to the WinPalace product don’t just stop at hassle free or faster cash-outs as players are also benefiting from improved customer service and the ability to view their wage history.

The new WinPalace management team expects that these major changes will both increase their player base and also increase the amount of money that their players are spending just like it did with this mom who recently won a whopping 90K from playing at

This management shift is also expected to further improve and propel an already excellent brand, the WinPalace Casino brand, among its player base and to also reach new potential customers. In fact the benefits from the management shift has already began show results as our customers are actively bragging about the excellent service that they are now receiving, their hassle free and faster cash-out system and their new willingness to play more at WinPalace.

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The WinPalace Management Team will keep you up-to-date on our current and upcoming promotions including all improvements to our brand and customer service offerings.

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