Paris, France, July 29, 2014 – Dictao, the leading regulatory compliance solution provider for online gaming operators, welcomes the European Commission decision to recognize the control system, or SAFE, as the overall most effective solution for consumer protection.On July 14th, the European Commission published a recommendation on principles for protecting online gambling service consumers and players, and for preventing minors from gambling online. Although not legally enforceable, this recommendation should be used as a common reference by all the member states.

 The Commission broke down the goal of Consumer Protection into operational objectives, and then evaluated five practical measures to attain them. Among the analyzed options, an electronic monitoring system – or SAFE – is deemed the most effective solution for reaching every single consumer protection objective. It is the only option for attaining all objectives while maintaining high success rates.The Commission specifically states in its Impact Assessment that a “High level of safety and security for consumers and citizens is optimally achieved by having efficient and enforceable monitoring systems.”

 Besides top of the class evaluation of SAFEs, the Impact Assessment also points out that this option is widely accepted by the industry. “As regards industry stakeholders, in particular private operators, these should be supportive of this measure in particular because of its potential in reducing reporting and auditing costs.”Gabriel Dubois, Head of iGaming Operations, states “Near real-time electronic monitoring systems are a best practice not only in the online gambling industry, but also in the financial services industry and the government sector. They provide reliable evidence of digital transactions and protect all parties involved.

The European Commission’s study is an endorsement of the technical requirements already enforced by the most advanced gaming authorities in Europe.”

Dictao is providing compliant electronic monitoring systems in France, Spain, Denmark and Germany (Schleswig-Holstein). As other jurisdictions follow this model in Europe and abroad, Dictao will continue helping operators comply with the requirements.


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Dictao is the leading regulatory compliance solution provider to the international online gaming community. Today, Dictao provides compliant SAFE software to more than 50 online gaming operators. Dictao is the only SAFE software supplier compliant with the requirements in France, Denmark, Spain and Germany (Schleswig-Holstein). Dictao continuously monitors regulatory changes to cover additional jurisdictions as they regulate: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Colombia… Dictao software is available as a Product or as a Service. 9 out of the top 10 Power 50* operators chose Dictao.

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