As the Royal Ascot begins this week, racing fans will find that one company has launched a new product to coincide with the exciting festival. Racing Stars is a company that just received licensing to operate, set to offer its new product alongside the popular Royal Ascot, which runs from June 15-19. Racing Stars is offered in the United Kingdom and was launched by Nathan Thompson, Steve Evans (MD), and Danny Williams.

MVP Fantasy Racing

The new MVP product by Racing Stars is a unique option allowing fans to take part in fantasy pools. Racing Stars was created as a fantasy league betting platform, a first of its kind, to offer a wagering option on real races.

So, how does it work? Well, players using MVP will purchase tokens to use in fantasy pools. These pools track real races. In these races, the starting odds are converted to points. This was done to maximize engagement and level the race competition.

The team behind MVP said the product was created to create a balance between entertainment and responsible gambling. There are fair-play safeguards in place with MVP offering players the opportunity to set their spending limit as well as a minimum bet when taking part in race pools.

According to the company, a bigger spender does not have an advantage over a player with less money to spend. The product also sees wagers last for the entire day of racing, which cuts out any need for players to try and chase any losses.

Fairness and Consumer Safety

Today’s gaming companies place a strong focus on fairness and consumer safety as they know it is an essential part of business success in this industry. For Racing Stars, the company places these two factors at the heart of its products.

To get started with MVP, Racing Stars completed oversubscribed funding round to launch. The platform was designed with the fantasy racing concept in mind, with an option to transition into other sports. If the current format is a proven hit with racing fans, then the company can move into other areas of service such as greyhound racing or Formula 1.

The Racing Stars site is set up nicely, offering new players a section on how to play as well as results from recent races and the site’s leaderboard. To get started, open an account at the site and wait for it to be activated. The provider includes age verification checks to ensure that players are of age to take part.

Once the account is set up, purchase play tokens and then get started selecting prize pools. Players are allowed to enter two prize pools per play token. There are daily and weekly jackpots that are also on offer at the site.