The Nambé Pueblo of Santa Fe, New Mexico is finally ready to enter the casino industry. The Nambé Pueblo have discussed entering the gaming marketplace for many years and will now finally be making their move. On Wednesday it was announced the group would begin construction next to their existing travel center for a casino facility.

The Nambé Falls Casino will be home to slot gaming only and will start with less than 200 machines. The facility will be small, based on information supplied by the Development Services Group, a company working with the Nambé Pueblo on the project.

A gambling compact was signed between New Mexico and the Nambé Pueblo in 2007 but it has taken many years for the tribe to finally move forward with a gaming facility. According to the CEO of Development Services Group, Matt Doyle, the group is considering negotiating a new compact for 22 years with five additional tribes.  The new compact must gain federal approval before coming to fruition.

The new casino will be a small facility and will consist of only 7,310 square feet of space. The goal is to provide a convenient option for gaming in the area.