The former Isle of Capri Casino Hotel had planned on being closed for only two days to reopen as the Magnolia Bluffs Hotel, but has now released a statement, saying the closure will be until November. Kevin Preston, the President of the Magnolia Bluffs Casino, stated that it was unforeseen repairs that have caused the company to decide to close for a two week time frame.

Casino Holding Investment Partners purchased the Isle of Capri Hotel and will change it to Magnolia Bluffs Hotel after paying $11.5 million to acquire the property. The repairs that were found in the hotel stem from plumbing issues and other problems. Originally, the plan was to shut the hotel down for just a few days to switch computer systems and then reopen as renovations begin.

However, the property will now see outside contractors coming in to look at the plumbing system as well as replace toilets in guest rooms. Other repairs are also needed. Preston stated that the hotel may also have new equipment installed for the food and beverage needs as it appears some of the equipment has been down for some time.

The first area to be renovated at the hotel will be the food and beverage areas, as well as the lobby. The hotel rooms will then be remodeled, working from one floor to the next, so the property can still take on guests. Remodeling is expected to take four months to complete.

For now, the property will have a professional come in and clean the carpeting of each guest room. The exterior of the building will be painted with the lighted sign for the Isle of Capri to also be taken down. A new hire orientation is scheduled for this Tuesday and includes 20 employees from the Isle of Capri who will now work with Magnolia Bluffs.