The Marina Bay Sands Casino of Singapore was the subject of robbery after two men were found to have stolen chips from the gaming floor. The two men, who remain anonymous, have now been arrested and believed to be the culprits who took almost S$60,000 in gaming chips.

The Criminal Investigation Department’s Casino Crime Investigation Branch arrived on the scene at the casino after the police were informed that a robbery had taken place. The suspects believed to have taken the chips were arrested and then preliminary investigations began on the property in Singapore.

After the investigation was completed, almost S$60,000 in casino chips appeared to have been taken by the men. Information on how the Chinese men were able to obtain the chips has yet to be released. The suspects will go before the court this week and be charged with an offence of theft. If convicted, the two men could face jail time, as much as three years, with a fine, or both fine and jail time.