NetEnt has decided to take on a superhero theme with its latest online slot game release, Wild Worlds. Players will be taken on a journey through various realms as they fight massive monsters. Players can expect unique features on the reels of the new game including Hero Wilds, Destroy and Boss Fights.

Exciting New Features:

The title is set to offer slot fans first-time features, all offered on the 5×5 grid. It provides cluster matches with a multi-level gaming experience. The slot features not one, but three extra spins worlds, where the heroes will take on evil monsters via different game mechanics.

In each world, players will have access to special features. The Dark Forest offers spreading wilds, the Ice World features heavy wilds and the Fire Lands has random wilds. Players will need to earn three scatter symbols in the main game to activate eight extra spins.

In the Dark Forest, when a Captain or Boss finds their weak spot destroyed, a spreading wild is found on the reels. If it completes a win, it will explode with the other symbols. New spreading wilds are then created which can help to create even more wins.

In the Ice World, when a Captain or a Boss sees their weak spot destroyed, a stack of two Heavy Wild symbols will be placed on the reels. If they are part of a winning combination, they will remain for the next Avalanche.

In Fire Lands, once the Captain or Boss has their weak spot eliminated, two to four random wild symbols will land on the reels, helping to create winning matches.

According to NetEnt

Director of Games, Bryan Upton, commented: “We are very proud to welcome Wild Worlds to the NetEnt portfolio – it is a game like no other.

“Again, we’ve listened to our customers and players. They wanted games with elements of discovery, something different and entertaining. So, we have taken this game in a bold and new creative direction and the result is an incredible visual journey that is sure to captivate players. What’s exciting is the unseen levels of storytelling and content that will boost engagement and ensure it becomes a standout game. Try defeating the boss and see what happens…”

Hero Attacks and Monsters:

A unique element to Wild Worlds is the Heroes and Monsters. In the game, the Heroes can power up and attack the monsters. Each one has a low and medium win symbol that activates the characters’ Hero Attack, helping to charge the designated meter. It takes three charges to fill the meter. Once full, a Hero Special Attack will be activated.

Once activated, each Hero will attack and provide a certain type of damage. Blue and Pink will have 1 damage point to Monsters with their special attack. Green causes the most damage at 4 points.

The game includes two types of monsters, three captains and one boss. The captains have 15 health points and will provide access to an extra spins feature when they are destroyed. The Boss has the most health points, with 105. After being destroyed, he will transfer the player into an extra spins world.