The government for the Netherlands has reportedly instituted a range of new anti-coronavirus protocols that require casinos and slot parlors located in five highly-populated regions to fully close from one o’clock every morning.

According to a report from the news domain at, the updated curfew prohibitions went into effect from yesterday for venues within the regions of Hollands-Midden, Haaglanden, Amsterdam-Amstelland, Utrecht and Rijnmond and also forbid such gambling-friendly facilities from admitting patrons after midnight.

Strict stipulations:

The news domain reported that these measures are the brainchild of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and furthermore mandate that casinos and slot parlors in the country of approximately 17.4 million inhabitants turn on their internal lights and cease playing music from midnight. The source detailed that the revised controls have moreover been applied to bars, cinemas, restaurants and theaters in the five regions, which are home to some of the nation’s largest cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, and require all of these properties to register any gathering that happens to contain more than 50 people.

Continuing cases:

Casinos and slot parlors in the Netherlands were temporarily shuttered from March 16 as the number of people coming down with the potentially-lethal coronavirus ailment passed the milestone figure of 1,000. These facilities were only reportedly allowed to re-open some 15 weeks later following concerted lobbying from state-owned operator Holland Casinos and gambling machine advocacy group VAN Kansspelen although the European nation has since seen the number of recorded local infections spike by over 86% to stand at 93,778.