In Japan and the governor for Wakayama Prefecture has reportedly criticized opponents of the plan to bring an integrated casino resort to the Honshu jurisdiction’s Marina City artificial island.

According to a report from Inside Asian Gaming, Yoshinobu Nisaka (pictured) was overwhelmingly re-elected in November after coming out in favor of the proposal that his province should host one of the nation’s inaugural three Las Vegas-style developments. The 69-year-old politician has been in office since the end of 2006 and purportedly believes that the realization of such a multi-billion-dollar project would lead to a multitude of local tourism promotion and job creation benefits.

Resolute opposition:

However, the source reported that Wakayama Prefecture is also home to a trio of determined anti-casino groups with one of these, which is known as the Wakayama Network for Thinking About the Problems with Casinos, having recently submitted a petition calling for the whole scheme to be scrapped.

Nisaka reportedly declared…

It is irresponsible to future generations to stop a bid because you may dislike it. If you disagree, you have to offer a counter alternative to Wakayama Prefecture’s revival or it is just an opinion. The national and prefectural governments are thinking about sufficient measures to dispel the anxieties of those who have signed the petition and I will strive to gain their understanding.”

Prime position:

Home to approximately 944,000 people, Wakayama Prefecture is widely considered to be among the front-runners alongside the cities of Osaka and Yokohama in the race to win the right to host one of Japan’s first trio of integrated casino resorts. The jurisdiction approved request for proposal (RFP) tenders from prospective operators Suncity Group Holdings Japan Company Limited and Clairvest Neem Ventures earlier this year and has now given both until October 19 to submit their associated final business plans.