Nevada Gaming Commission is exploring new options regarding online poker in the state. As per the most recent information, the players might be able to play against each other starting in 2025. 

Online poker available in Nevada:

Z4Poker LLC and MGM Resorts Interactive LLC recently got a chance to extend their licenses, and they’ll be the ones to provide such services since their games have already been approved.

The MGM game will probably be developed by its affiliate BetMGM.

Both companies hope that the games will be available on the market by April 2025.

As Review Journal reports, Eric Colvin, a founder of Z4, demonstrated the new system. He showed that the game could be played on different devices, as well as on several tables at the same time.

Steve Drucker, a player, said: “What resident poker players have right now is a miserable example of how not to operate a poker site. We suffer from the lack of great promotions, not enough players, and customer service reps lacking training in the art of friendly, efficient service.”

Online poker became popular in the 2010s, and five companies wanted to launch online poker rooms back then. However, former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission and Governor Brian Sandoval approved Assembly Bill 114 in 2013, the first step towards establishing online poker rooms.

The first to offer online poker tables were Station Casinos, Caesars Entertainment, which launched the famous, and Michael Gaughan. However, WSOP was the only one that survived.

The main reason most online poker offerings weren’t successful lies in the small population of Nevada, and the players weren’t allowed to compete with players outside the state. In the end, the agreement with Delaware and New Jersey was established.

Z4 and MGM’s plans:

Z4 and MGM were present during the entire process, so this is the fourteenth time their licenses have been renewed. According to the Control Board, the waiver probably won’t be extended anymore.

Z4 currently has around 75,000 customers in the online poker market, and the company is ready to offer its services for real money now. However, it’s still unknown when the game will be tested.

On the other hand, MGM has successful brick-and-mortar resorts all around the state, and it’s time for online play to be incorporated into its offering.

On top of that, the Commission approved a temporary license for Moulin Rouge, located at 840 W. Bonanza Road. That means that United Coin Co.’s Century Gaming Technologies will be able to place its trailer on the site and offer 16 slot machines to its customers, starting May 14.