Nevada casinos are on a roll. For the seventh month running, the state’s casinos have hit the $1 billion gaming win mark. Earlier this week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported that the gaming win has reached its second-longest streak in the history of the industry and if it continues, the state will hit a new record.

The longest winning streak took place about fifteen years ago, from November 2006 until May the following year. As players return to Las Vegas and Reno, the trend is expected to continue at least through most of 2021.

Strong Quarter

The third quarter was a strong one and has propelled the state back to 2019 levels. Gaming win totaled $1.158 billion across the state, with almost every area seeing great success in revenue numbers. For September, Clark County had a good month, seeking just over $1 billion in earnings. This was a huge improvement from the same month last year, with over 50% more earned.

The Strip improved, even more, seeing an over 80% increase from the previous September. Earnings in this region hit over $640 million. Downtown Las Vegas saw an increase as well, earning over 41% more than 2020, with $73 million in gaming win.

One of the only regions to see a decline was Laughlin, which is located in Clark County. The gaming win came in at $37.3 million, which was a drop of almost 4%. Lake Tahoe also saw a decrease, dropping by over 11% with only $2.1 million in earnings.

Sports Betting Also Increases

Helping the state reach the $1 billion mark is sports betting. Sportsbooks in Nevada continue to be on fire, seeing bettors posting a large number of wagers. For September, the state hit over $54 million in gaming win from sportsbooks, which is close to the previous record hit last September.

The amount of money wagered via the sports betting sector reached a new monthly record in Nevada, coming in at well over $786 million. This beat the previous record from last October by over $100 million.

Players continue to post bets via mobile, as it is a preferred method of wagering across the United States. In Nevada, mobile apps won over $16 million from just over $495 million in bets placed. Mobile wagers accounted for the majority of sports bets placed in the state with 63% made from devices.

If the trend continues, Nevada could easily see the same $1 billion earnings in October, November, and possibly December as well. We shall see as the new revenue reports come out if the state is able to reach this new milestone.