The casino revenue numbers for the state of Nevada are down for the month of May, with the Nevada Gaming Control Board reporting $958 million in earnings which is a 4.53% decrease from May of 2015. Despite the small dip in earnings, the state is actually up from the April 2016 totals of $876 million.

The Strip saw a large decrease in earnings, at just over 11% to only $531 million from the month. This number was largely due to the fact that in May of 2015, the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight took place during the Rock in Rio Festival. This was a big fight that drew in a large crowd of visitors to the casinos located along the Strip. Another factor was baccarat, which was down just over 18% to earning only $89m.

Because the state did not have a huge boxing event on the calendar the sportsbook totals took a huge hit when compared to the same time last year. A 70% year on year decline was reported, with only $5.9m earned with a 1.9% hold.

Slot gaming was in the positive with a 4.7% increase as the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported $630m was earned. However, table gaming was down with blackjack going down just over 12% and roulette dropping just over 14% in earnings. Craps was down a significant 28%. Blackjack brought in $107.4m while roulette earned $28.4m and craps earned $31.5m.