After spending the past three months in a losing streak with casino gaming, the state of Nevada has now caught a break. Thanks to the return of the pro football season as well as the game of baccarat, the casinos in Nevada have now snapped out of their losing ways.

According to revenue reports, casino gaming revenue rose 1.5% statewide, bringing in $916.3m. On the Las Vegas Strip, gaming was up by 2%, with earnings of $504.8m. The increase in earnings was due to VIP baccarat gaming, which had a year-on-year gain based on revenue and turnover. This was only the third time this year the state was able to do so. On a year-to-date basis, revenues statewide are up only 0.3% but the Strip has seen a decrease of 1.5%.

Baccarat revenue was up 23.2%, earning $100.5m while the baccarat handle was up 16.5% to a total of $752m. Blackjack also did well, earning an increase of 14.5% with $90.3m in revenues. Craps had a huge spike in revenues, going to $36m, an increase of 37.5%.  Roulette was not so lucky for the casinos and had a decrease of $21m, which is a 31.6% drop. Slots were also down, but only a small 1.8% rate.

With the National Football League back in action, the licensed sportsbooks in Nevada were able to see gains. Despite being down just over 20% from September 2014, the sportsbooks were able to earn $35.6m which continues the streak of winning to 26 months in a row. Professional and college football was able to bring in just over $31m in September which is a year-on-year decrease of 16.3%.