Camelot announced today that the biggest single prize in the UK Lotto game’s history has been claimed for £35,133,888. Although not as large a total prize as the previous record set in January of £66m, only one ticket displayed the winning numbers from Wednesday’s draw. Two tickets had the winning numbers in January, according to the BBC.

The winner’s name was not announced nor did Camelot say whether an individual or syndicate held the winning ticket. The place the ticket was sold is also yet to be revealed. The previous record win was split between an anonymous holder of one of the winning tickets and David and Carol Martin from Hawick, Scotland who collected half the prize. Camelot said it will be up to the winner if they want to reveal their names to the public.

The winning numbers yesterday were 50, 57, 31, 17, 41 and 15. The win also moved the previous second-place holder to third. Gerry and Lisa Cannings of Peterborough won £32.5m in February this year. 2016 has seen three winners now taking in more than £30m. The previous record of £22.6m had stood since 1995.

Many major lotteries the world over changed the odds late last year by increasing the number of balls the winning numbers are drawn from – creating a host of much bigger winners including the U.S. based Powerball lottery that awarded $1.6 billion to winners in three U.S. states three months ago. Players must choose six number from a total of 59 balls now, as opposed to the previous 49 ball field of numbers. The U.K National Lottery operator lists the current odds of choosing all 6 numbers at 45,100,000:1 while previously the odds were 13,980,000:1

Most major lotteries don’t restrict the purchase of tickets to residents nor have conditions against agents purchasing for others, so people can play multi-national and international lottery games with very few restrictions. In December it was reported that an Iraqi man had won a $6.4 million Oregon Lottery jackpot by purchasing a ticket through online lottery agent,