Former Chief Executive Officer for LeoVegas‘s Malta-based subsidiary, Johan Styren (pictured), and former head of SEO at Catena Media, Valentin Alsen, have reportedly joined forces to create Dilanti Media Ltd., a new Malta-based firm within the affiliate marketing genre.

Founded in January this year, the new pay for performance marketing company operates in the online industries forex, cryptocurrency and gambling.

Dilanti Media CEO Johan Styren explained, “We are a technology company within the marketing space. While we assist our clients with new customers, the edge in our business is fully based on our SEO platform with cutting-edge technology, which can do innovating tasks such as measuring the value of our content based on user interaction data and then in turn, adjust the content on the website to always show content that is valued by visitors,” according to the news release.

At this time, the media firm will reportedly forego offers from investors as their priority at this early stage is to build a solid base of organization and technology. However, the company has not ruled out inviting investors to determine the scalability of the business sometime in the future.

Styren said, “Right now our focus is to gather the key people that want to form the core of the next big success in this industry.”

With a focus on the UK gambling market, the industry marketing and player acquisition services provider recently finalized the purchase of, which will serve as the firm’s initial flagship property.

Styren spent five years as the CEO of the Stockholm-listed online gambling group LeoVegas AB [Malta subsidiary], having joined the mobile first operator from Unibet Plc.