The Gaming Control Board of Chile (SCJ) recently announced a new deadline for casino bids in the Arica, Pucón, and Puerto Natales municipalities. The deadline has been moved to 11 a.m. on September 25 as announced in the government’s official gazette.

According to a report on G3Newswire, no date has yet been announced in regard to bids for Iquique, Coquimbo, Viña del Mar and Puerto Varas.

State and host municipalities are expected to share in a likely 20% increase in income generated by the new casinos based on gross gaming income. The state could see tax income generated by the casinos increase more than 45%.

The tender process for seven new casinos began in May 2016. Casino Ovalle, which opened in September 2016 was part of a previous process.

The process has been delayed due to complaints by leading contenders in the process that claimed in court that the government was placing an undue burden on them and that current requirements would make it difficult or impossible to operate at a profit. In May this year, the Supreme Court rejected those arguments and allowed the tender process to go ahead. Marina del Sol’s case had earlier been upheld on appeal.

Different branches of the government will score the economic and technical bids expected to be presented by Inversiones Marina del Sol and other prominent bidders. In addition to the SJC, the Tourist Board and the Ministry of Interior and Public Security will be involved in the rating process. The complex matrix will see points awarded to each bid based on things like how well the projects will align with regional development strategies and how they will contribute to local communities. Tourism impact, design, location and overall quality of the proposed projects will be considered according to the report.