Earlier this week, the plans for the Springfield Casino by MGM were changed, with a new design that does not feature the 25-story glass hotel tower. In previous plans, MGM planned on creating the hotel tower which would house 54 apartments. The $800 million construction plan will now consist of a few changes.

The plans now, having been submitted to city officials, will move the hotel from the middle of the complex to Main Street, where the apartments were previously located. The hotel will have six stories, with 250 guest rooms. Retail space will be included on the ground floor. Housing units will be created, but in a different venue.

In the redesign, there are also changes to the plaza which will have the same outcome, a movie theater, pub and bowling alley, but each will be in different locations. Sending a letter to the city, the President of MGM Springfield Michael Mathis, stated that the changes in plans will not reduce the price of $800 million to construct. However, the changes will help to encourage new developments in the downtown area with higher numbers of visitors, both residents and tourists.

The Mayor of Springfield, Domenic Sarno, believes the redesign will offer increased walkability and will fit better architecturally in the historic downtown area. The plans will need to be approved by the City Council and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission before moving forward. Both groups will meet on Thursday.

The project is considered the largest private development in generations for the western portion of the state and should become the first resort casino of Massachusetts. The project has been delayed to late 2018, mainly due to a highway project that is taking place in the area.