Indiana State Representative Todd Huston recently introduced House Bill 1350 for consideration, a bill that would see changes to the casino industry of the state. To begin, a $3 admission fee per visitor would be done away with but an additional 3% wagering tax would be placed on operators who have gaming facilities in the state.

Currently, the state has a tax of 15% to 40% on casinos depending on the total gross gaming income of the individual facility. The new bill would change the riverboat admissions tax to a new supplement wagering tax of 3% of the adjusted gross receipts of the riverboats.

If the bill were to be signed into law, communities in the state would earn less in distribution dollars from casinos. Around $48 million is provided to regional governments each year but the bill would reduce this amount by around $18 million.

Huston is calling his bill a way to help casinos to invest in their own gaming properties. The Representative would like to see the riverboats and racinos in the state make changes to be able to compete with the casino industries of neighboring states. Lawmakers in Illinois are considering a gambling expansion which would harm the riverboats in the northwestern region of the state as a large portion of their gaming income is produced by visitors from Illinois.

Additional legislation has been introduced in the state as of late involving the gambling industry, including Senate Bill 354 which would see a casino created in Terre Haute. This legislation was introduced by State Senator Jon Ford.