Free beach concerts in 2014 have resulted in fines for two casinos located in the state of New Jersey after the operators increased the parking rates at the same time as the live music events. Both Caesars and Bally’s were charged a fine of $50,000 by the state after charging upwards of $50 to park during the free beach concerts.

The New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division had only authorized the venues to charge $30 for parking during the events, but the venues marked up the price regardless. It was reported that the casinos had asked for permission to increase the parking rates during concerts in July 2014 with Blake Shelton and in August 2014 for Lady Antebellum.

Once the city discovered how much had been charged by the casinos for parking and they were cited, the casinos stopped posting parking rates and took on a variable pricing structure. This would allow the casino to charge patrons whatever they like when the customer left the garage.

David Rebuck, the Director of the Gaming Enforcement Division, stated that the use of such practices by the holders of casino licenses reflects discredit upon the gaming industry and constitutes an unsuitable manner of operation.

The casinos have now agreed to stop charging the variable rates during shows in regards to parking and will give visitors an advance notice of 72 hours if there is a change in rates. Caesars released a statement on the subject, staying the company is committed to being transparent in their operations and they regret any misunderstanding that is related to parking rates in the facilities of Atlantic City.