In Finland and the government has reportedly issued a decree that will oblige land-based and online gaming operator Veikkaus Oy to institute a permanent selection of monthly and daily loss limits on its range of fast-paced remote games.

According to a report from G3Newswire, the move from the Scandinavian nation’s Interior Ministry is set to come into full effect from the first day of July after the state-owned operator was earlier required to bring in a raft of loss limits so as to help prevent its players from developing a gambling problem during the coronavirus pandemic. The source detailed that the fresh protocols are to allow iGaming aficionados in Finland to lose up to €2,000 ($2,380) a month and a maximum of as much as €500 ($595) every day before being refused access.

Provisional predecessors:

Helsinki-headquartered Veikkaus Oy has reportedly been compelled to abide by such limits since May of last year although the new government decree has now made these once-temporary commitments permanent. Examples of entertainment to which these fresh rules are to apply purportedly encompass video slots and popular online casino games such as poker with players moreover being required to set personalized daily and monthly loss limits that are not higher than the state-mandated ceilings.

Defensive decision:

Maria Ohisalo serves as Interior Minister in the Finnish government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin and reportedly declared that the coming daily loss limit on Veikkaus Oy’s games is to be set at half of the current €1,000 ($1,190) ceiling. The Green League politician purportedly explained that moves such as this are destined to help players from developing an addiction to gambling, which is an aspect of iGaming that has recently become more evident following the coronavirus-induced changes to daily life.

Reportedly read a statement from Ohisalo…

“The reduced maximum loss limits have been in use for a year. Loss limits are a good way to prevent gambling harm. In addition to gambling problems, lowering the loss limits will combat over-indebtedness and livelihood problems and I am pleased that the daily loss limit will be permanently reduced from €1,000 to €500.”

Player protection:

Ohisalo reportedly went on to disclose that the maximum daily loss limit has furthermore been lowered in order to be a more effective deterrent to problem gambling. The 36-year-old purportedly divulged that iGaming aficionados at risk of developing an addiction often wager higher amounts in short bursts that may only last a few days, which is considered less damaging than the activity of those who spread their consumption over a longer period of time.