Online slot fans will be interested to hear that RTG Asia has launched a brand new game. Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure will take players on an unusual journey through time as the cute little furry cube eats energy balls and moves through the ages. Every spin will bring symbols floating out from a time vortex which helps to build the energy level of Cubee. Play along as the little guy travels in various eras such as the Stone Age and the Viking age.

Features of the Game:

On the reels, players will find enemies and energy balls. Any combination of defeated enemies and energy balls will create a payout. Three to eight symbols provide players with a prize. Any floating enemies that have a higher power level than Cubee will not count towards a payout. Enemies in the game include Bones, Spike, Casper and Lucifer.

According to RTG Asia

As you spin the reels, Cubee travels through time from the Stone Age to the Era of Piracy and then the Viking Age. He moves from one era to the next after defeating enemies. Along the way, Cubee can earn bonus games. Every time a cannon appears in the Era of Piracy, bonus games may be triggered.

In the Viking Age, player scan earn multipliers when the bow and arrow appear. The bonus games and multipliers will be used when Cubee reaches Cubeeland. During this time, no weapons can appear, so players have a higher chance of earning a winning combination.

Unique Look:

When players first start the game of Cubee, it is instantly noticed that the game is not like a standard online slot. Cubee is on the left and Rocco on the right. A blue vortex is in the middle. Click the spin button and the vortex pulls eight symbols on to the screen. If a weapon appears, it will knock Rocco on the head, helping to lower his energy level.

RTG Asia has really created a unique title with Cubee. The game offers quality graphics and animations along with bright coloring and interesting sounds to enhance gameplay.