The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians’ Seven Feathers Casino Resort has an exciting new Cash of the Titans Bonus Area, which combines the latest audio and visual technology with a player tracking system to provide its guests with an experience unique to the Canyonville, Oregon casino, according to G3 Newswire.

The bonus area consists of more than 130 machines, which are all connected to a rapid hit bonus system that was developed by Richard Rader, the casino’s Chief Technology Officer. Unlike other casino’s mystery games, Seven Feathers is the first to use the technology which allows the casino guest to know when the bonus is about to come and guarantees a hit when unique bonus triggers are experienced within the Cash of the Titans bonus room.

Chris Clemons, Chief Technology Officer at Advanced Creative Gaming, LLC., of Las Vegas, Nevada, along with the team there, are responsible for the design and development of Virtual Slot Environment or VSE, which through assorted visual and audio technologies using an Application Program Interface (API), a back-end proprietary bridge management system (ACG Bridge), interacts with the casino’s audio and LED lighting system turning it into the world’s first “smart casino.”

The casino’s current player tracking system sends information to Rader’s custom bonus/jackpot system, which through the ACG Bridge, is able to award both a jackpot and an event within the bonus area. It allows the guest to experience a true 4D environment complete with audio-visual effects, such as striking lightning and rolling thunder, enhanced by a state of the art JBL professional audio system taking them through a tour of Ancient Greece where they may be visited by Zeus by way of a bonus trigger.

Many other scenarios, such as LIVE Sports Feeds that would provide players with a true stadium experience, are possible in the Cash of the Titans Bonus Area.

ACG is responsible for contacting Shawn McDaniel, Seven Feathers Casino Resort’s general manager, who is known for having technical vision, and getting the team together to initiate the new system.