The National Hockey League (NHL) in Finland gets a new Official Sportsbook. Veikkaus, a new provider of popular hockey content, will gain access to the content, which will improve its customers’ experience and let them enjoy authentic and improved sports betting.

NHL for Finns:

Tuomo Torkkola, Relationship Manager at Veikkaus, said: “The NHL is one of Veikkaus Betting’s most popular offerings. By officially partnering with the NHL, we will be able to bring more content from the world’s highest-level hockey league to our channels in the future.”

He added that Finnish customers are important in the NHL world. Veikkaus also has a soft spot for ice hockey, so this partnership will be a great step toward increasing the popularity of this sport. 

NHL Director of Business Development Joseph Stravato also commented on the agreement: “We are thrilled to partner with Veikkaus to deliver premium NHL content that hockey fans in Finland crave. This partnership is one of the many ways in which we work to superserve NHL fans in Finland and grow our international fan base.”

All users of Veikkaus’ channels will get the opportunity to try new, unique NHL content prepared for the following season. The current NHL season will also be available. Veikkaus will also get access to content customized specifically for customers from Finland, which will be available at

VeikkausTV is a huge part of the deal since it will be able to broadcast the regular-season and postseason games. Among these games is the popular Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The inspiring stories:

When three Finnish operators, Fintoto, Finland’s Slot Machine Association, and Veikkaus, merged back in 2017, and Veikkaus Oy was founded, almost nobody expected such success, but shortly after, Veikkaus became one of the leaders in the market. The company is currently owned by the state, and it has exclusive rights to all the games and services related to gambling in Finland. They are divided into three categories: Lucky Games, Slot Machines and Instant Games, and Skill Games.

Veikkaus’ revenue is greatly beneficial for Finland because it funds various ministries and fields, including culture, sports, science, social welfare and health, and many others.

The NHL was founded in 1917, and since then, 32 clubs have become members. NHL is greatly popular among fans since more than 670 million of them watch the games every year. The games are available in over 160 countries worldwide. 

The community is very important to the NHL players and authorities. They keep celebrating fans of every race, gender identity, religion, and nation, and inclusion is what they keep in mind whatever they’re doing. Also, hockey isn’t for rich people only anymore – the NHL makes an effort to give the same opportunities to everyone, embracing players from various backgrounds. 

So far, NHL has invested over $100 million to support youth hockey, and they plan to invest an additional $5 million in various inclusivity initiatives next year.