Trump Entertainment Resorts has been fined for two incidents. The first involves underage gamblers. Inspections revealed from December 2012 to May 2014, that 22 underage gamblers were on the premises of the now closed Trump Plaza. Casino security did examine identification cards and proved the patrons were underage. They required the winnings to be forfeited. When underage gamblers are found the funds are taken and donated to the state, which has a fund for the disabled and seniors. These funds are not being requested from the casino.

The second incident was at Trump Taj Mahal in June 2014. A patron was assaulted by five other patrons. The person’s winnings were stolen and the injuries were severe enough to require hospitalization. Trump Taj Mahal security did call police; however, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement was not notified of the incidents as required. A fine of $3,000 must be paid by the casino. Trump Entertainment has not commented on either incident or their failure to report to the state.

Trump Entertainment Resorts is now controlled by Carl Icahn. Donald Trump owns a small percentage of the corporation which has seen 3 bankruptcies to date. Trump has no control of the properties.

In February it was reported that Trump Taj Mahal Associates LLC had agreed to a $10 million civil penalty assessed by the US Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for charges of money laundering. At the time  it was expected they would pay out less than $50,000 as the penalty would take the form of an unsecured claim in the casino’s bankruptcy.