The Normandie Casino is known as the oldest card club in California, a venue that has fell on hard times for the past few months.  Just a few months ago, the card club saw the gaming licenses revoked by the California Gambling Control Commission with the option for the owners of the venue to complete a pending sale of the facility. The owners of Normandie faced money-laundering charges and if convicted, would be disqualified from being able to hold a gaming license. It has now been announced that the gambling venue has been sold and it is Larry Flynt who became the new owner.

Flynt is known for being a business mogul in the adult entertainment industry as well as the owner of the Hustler Casino, the largest gaming venue in the Gardena area. Flynt has reportedly purchased the Normandie Casino for an undisclosed amount, based on information provided by gambling authorities of the state.

The State Gambling Control Commission approved the deal yesterday during a meeting, with Flynt becoming the new owner. The venue will be renamed as Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino once the venue is taken over.

The Miller family was the owner of the venue since 1948 but had to sell the casino due to charges based on helping high rollers from reporting requirements as set on a federal level and being in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act. Having only 120 days to find someone to buy the venue, the Millers had to work quickly, but seemingly meeting the deadline as Flynt has now purchased the property and will take over operations in the near future.