The World Poker Main Tour traveled to Germany for the first time ever this month, with the WPT European Championship, hosted by Spielbank Berlin. The most anticipated event of the Championship was the Main Event, which saw 339 players competing. In the end, it was Ole Schemion who earned the first-place finish, taking home his first ever WPT title win.

According to the World Poker Tour, once the final table of the poker tournament began, there would be no eliminations by the first break. As the day moved on, Schemion, who held the chip lead, would start eliminating players. First out would be Amjad Nader, after he took on Schemion with K-Q. Schemino held A-10 and with an Ace on the flop, Schemion’s hand held up and Nader was the first to go, out in 6th place.

Schemion would then eliminate Han Kuo Yong, followed by Michael Behnert who fell to Patrice Brandt. Once those two were gone, Schemion and Brandt would find themselves head to head during a hand. Brandt would go all-in and Schemion would call. Schemion’s A-high hand held up and Brandt would hit the rail in 3rd. This would lead Schemion and Michal Mrakes in heads-up play.

When the two on two matchup began, Schemion would hold a 2 to 1 chip lead. It would not take long before Schemion would extend his lead and by the time he was up 5 to 1, it was time for Schemion to earn his first World Poker Tour title. It would take 20 hands for Schemion to earn the win, with the final hand going down when Schemion held top pair and Mrakes did not complete his flush draw, having to settle for the second place finish.

Place Player Prize
First Ole Schemion $255,352
Second Michal Mrakes $178,892
Third Patrice Brandt $115,077
Fourth Michael Behnert $74,088
Fifth Han Kuo Yong $57,118
Sixth Amjad Nader $47,323