The online casino at the UK-licensed, has announced its launch as the world’s first such fully artificial intelligence-built and compliance-led operation offering players the opportunity to win unique rewards in a responsible environment.

Omnia Coins for loyal players:

According to an official press release published by, declared that its mobile-first domain will offer regular players the ability to win Omnia Coins that can subsequently be exchanged for several in-game features such as complimentary spins as well as entry into competitions where cash prizes worth up to $5.8 million are soon to be on offer.

Licensed by regulators in Malta and the United Kingdom, the site stated that it wants to present players with ‘a superior [and] more responsible and fun online casino experience’ before moreover proclaiming that it intends to begin offering these customers the ability to exchange their Omni Coins for electrical goods and other merchandise later in the year.

Responsible gaming features:

The brand proclaimed that it was built utilizing the most up-to-date artificial intelligence software and technology stack and is also endeavoring to protect players by offering a series of responsible gaming measures. These are due to include a prompt that will ask registering aficionados to immediately establish a deposit limit alongside other customer-friendly functionalities that have been designed to be simple and clear to understand.

A statement from read…

“We immediately present players with responsible gaming features because these players are more loyal. is a beautifully designed, mobile-first casino where gameplay is significantly enhanced with unique rewards and first-class customer service. It is a casino where everything is as it should be and not hidden way including withdrawals. We want to be a casino that you would recommend to your friends. There are no blockers, only open doors to fun, transparent and responsible play.”

Technology is constantly evolving:

The casino explained that the technology behind artificial intelligence is ‘constantly evolving’ and that this will enable it to offer players a more personalized and enjoyable gaming experience. It asserted that its reliance on such innovations will furthermore increase the efficiency of its compliance measures by allowing it to spot problems ‘instantly’ before activating further responsible gambling prompts.

Experience counts:

The casino detailed that it was established in December by an experienced team that includes Sam Hobcraft, a former Gaming Director for, with extensive experience in premiering and operating desktop and mobile-friendly online casinos.

The statement from read…

“ does things differently. It is a casino built around its customers, for its customers. believes customers deserve a superior, more responsible and fun online casino experience.”