Armenia has experienced a strong growth with their online gambling industry, attracting the interest of developers as well as operators in the industry worldwide. The Armenian Gaming Forum took place back in November, with Yerevan hosting. The event was successful, with every area of online gaming covered during the forum, including advertising. A speaker during the forum, announced that all online gambling advertisements will not be allowed in the market, an odd choice for one that is trying to grow.

A spokesman for the government of Armenia stated that there is a unified approach from the government to not allow advertising in the country. The new legislation covering advertising passed with a vote in favor by 91 MPs with one abstaining from voting. The reason behind the banning of advertising is to protect consumers.

Real money gambling in Armenia is available online as well as with brick and mortar casinos. Operators of such options will not be able to create advertisements for television, radio, or other outlets. Advertising will only be allowed at game centers, hotels which have 4 Stars and entry points to the Republic of Armenia. The government put the ban in place to try and hold minors and problem gamblers from accessing the gaming options.

The new regulations of Armenia are being discussed to try and prevent problem gambling such as addictive behavior. The government officials feel that prohibiting advertisements is the best way to do so. However, operators will have less incentives to join the Armenian marketplace in regards to gaming as well as invest in advertising strategies to entice new customers.