Germany online gambling update: Online poker in Germany is currently experiencing a boom with close to 290,000 people playing on a regular basis. In 2006 it is estimated Germans spent a minimum of 1 million euro’s on online poker. This information comes to light despite the fact that online poker is officially illegal in Germany.

Technically speaking, in Germany gambling is only legal if it is done in a casino. This leaves the growing Internet market in a grey area. If online gambling involves money, it is against the law, but up to this point no one has been prosecuted for the crime. Prosecuting for the crime would be difficult as many game providers’ servers are based outside Germany in places like Malta, Gibraltar and the Seychelles. Not to mention the fact that Germany’s tax authorities have control over the land-based gambling business and take more than half the business’s profits as corporate tax. However, because online gambling is not regulated the profits avoid State funds.

France online casino update: In France, the French Parliament is considering legalizing and regulating online gambling. A story recently written for a French newspaper says that France may legalize online gambling as early as next year. This step would help the Internet industry in France to compete with other online casinos located over in London. France also plans to collaborate with other European Union nations such as Holland, Germany and Belgium on what is being called a “system” that would allow a partnership between these countries and France.

In preparation for the legalization of online gambling, several French casinos have received the approval of the gambling industry’s prevailing body, eCogra, Ltd. Now these French casinos can say they are some of the safest and secure online gaming sites on the internet. These sites are branded with the “Play it Safe Seal” which has been proven to draw more players and provide more money making opportunities.

The online gambling industry in France has been booming for many years and some professionals say that the French participate in online gambling three times as long and twice as much as British online casino gamblers.

United State online gambling legislation: In the United States the banking industry embraced the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative (SSIGI). The proposal, drawn up by Democrat Barney Frank and Libertarian Ron Paul, is the latest assault on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and would obstruct the application of rules necessary to implement the UIGEA of 2006.

The UIGEA was passed by the Republican Party in August of 2006 much to the frustration of players in America. The Act stops US players from entering some online gambling sites and makes it illegal for banks or other financial institutions to complete online wagers. The goal of the UIGEA was originally to find a round-a-bout way to regulate offshore casinos, which are clearly outside the authority of American law enforcement.

The financial sector has always strongly opposed the UIGEA since it calls for banks and other private financial institutions to act as law enforcers for the Federal Government and stop transactions to online gambling providers.

Boris Becker promoting online gambling: Retired tennis star, Boris Becker, has become a spokesman for a high-profile ad crusade on a poker website. And Becker isn’t the only celebrity whose face is being used to clean up the online gambling industry and hopefully raise its social tolerability. Bayer Leverkusen soccer club has been doing ads for an online poker company as well.

The particular poker provider that Becker advertises for deals only in fake money. The goal, however, is to draw more people into the provider’s “real money” sites. These sites have reported very large profits though the provider’s administration has not been willing to share their net earnings. Obviously, they make enough profits to showcase large ads on prime-time television using former sports stars as spokesman.

Barney Frank and Ron Paul’s SSIGI Bill

Barney Frank and Ron Paul unveiled the bill less than two weeks after Federal officials went to testify of the problems they are having putting rules into place banning payments to illegal online gambling sites. Banking representatives also testified the regulations proposed by Federal officials are tedious and burdensome. Witnesses speaking for a broad range of the financial community agreed that the UIGEA ban on internet gambling is not effective in stopping gamblers from using the internet to play poker, make bets on horses or participate in other kinds of wagering.

Frank and Paul have proposed that the rules planned by the Federal Reserve and Treasury were much too burdensome on financial institutions and payment systems. The SSIGI bill would prevent the U.S. government from taking any more steps on rules that would call for all of America’s banking institutions to block internet gambling payments. It is true the regulations would be difficult and time consuming to enforce and would be unlikely to stop millions of Americans from participating in online gambling. Not to mention the fact that in the current economic situation the United States finds themselves in, financial institutions have more important things to do than enforce online gambling regulations. Some feel that rather than waste time and money trying to enforce the UIGEA, the US should regulate and tax internet gambling. Still others argue that banks should be completely capable of handling the restrictions put into place by the UIGEA of 2006.

Online gambling still continues in America as more than 20 online casinos still accept players from the United States.

Calvin Ayre of BoDog Retires: Finally, in general online gambling casino news the billionaire founder of Bodog Life, Calvin Ayre, as most of you already know, has announced his retirement. A spokesman for Bodog’s PR Company has said that Ayre will not give interviews concerning his retirement and that no date will be released as an official retirement date. The somewhat divisive online gambling personality plans to take some personal time at his home in Antigua and focus on the foundation he started, the Calvin Ayre Foundation.

In 2007 Bodog Life ownership was transferred to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group which is located just outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada. offers online gambling, including casino, poker and many other gaming products.