The head of the United States House Financial Services Committee, Representative Barney Frank, is the biggest supporter for online gambling legislation in the United States.  He has introduced legislation that would end the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.  The same bill would also pave the way for legalizing, and regulating Internet gambling in the US.

Representative Frank has support for his bill from both sides of the aisle, and support has been growing.  Some of his supporters are the same ones that originally supported the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, but have since changed their way of thinking.  Others who originally didn’t have much of an opinion either way, have now come to believe that legalized internet gambling would be good for the US.  Representative Frank has thirty five co-sponsors for his bill.  They understand that people want the right to gamble.

Many online casinos have been preparing themselves for the necessary steps that will be needed to once again find their place in the US market.  Also, big gaming companies have settled their cases against the US in light of the possible changes to gambling legislation.

Unfortunately for the gambling community, gambling legislation has had to take a back burner due to the current economic crisis.  The United States House Financial Services Committee has more pressing issues that must be dealt with at the moment.  It is expected that the Bill will be on temporary hold until September at the very earliest.