OpenBet, a leading provider of platform, content, and services to the global betting and gaming industry, has announced the extension of its longstanding partnership with Danske Spil, the Danish national lottery.

Extending a longstanding partnership:

Danske Spil and OpenBet have solidified their collaboration with a new agreement that extends their partnership, which has spanned over 11 years. OpenBet will continue to elevate Danske Spil’s omnichannel sports betting platform, leveraging its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive suite of trading content. This partnership underscores OpenBet’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the betting experience for Danske Spil customers.

Under the new agreement, Danske Spil has transitioned its trading and risk management operations to OpenBet’s Managed Trading Services (MTS). This strategic move ensures dedicated 24/7 global coverage for the sportsbook offering, emphasizing high-quality service and operational reliability. Additionally, OpenBet’s Trading System, featuring Self-Trade functionality for football and other sports, will provide Danske Spil with enhanced flexibility and operational control, empowering them to optimize their sports betting offerings.

Strengthening partnership values:

According to OpenBet’s press release, Nikos Konstakis, Chief Operating Officer at OpenBet, highlighted the significance of this extended partnership: “Our longstanding collaboration with Danske Spil has always been about pushing the boundaries of innovation in sports betting. This expanded agreement underscores the commitment of both teams to advancing our shared vision. The introduction of Managed Trading Services represents a significant milestone in this journey, and we are committed to delivering exceptional value to Danske Spil and its customers.”

Jens Nielsen, Sports Betting Director of Danske Spil, expressed confidence in OpenBet’s role in achieving their strategic goals: “Since 2013, OpenBet has been a pivotal partner in our quest to deliver superior sports betting experiences. With this extended agreement, we look forward to expanding our collaboration to include new services that further enhance our online and retail offerings. OpenBet continues to play a crucial role in meeting the evolving needs of our players, ensuring the delivery of safe and compelling products.”

The extended partnership between OpenBet and Danske Spil reaffirms OpenBet’s position as a trusted partner for World Lottery Association (WLA) members globally. With advanced sports betting technologies, content richness, and robust regulatory compliance tools, OpenBet remains at the forefront of driving innovation and excellence in the betting and gaming industry. This collaboration not only strengthens Danske Spil’s competitive edge but also enhances its ability to provide cutting-edge betting solutions to its customers.

The extension of the partnership between OpenBet and Danske Spil marks a significant milestone in the evolution of sports betting technology and services. As both companies continue to innovate and expand their offerings, they are poised to deliver unparalleled betting experiences that meet the evolving demands of the global gaming market. With a strong foundation built on trust, innovation, and customer-centric solutions, OpenBet and Danske Spil are set to shape the future of sports betting.