Paf and Sunborn have announced a soft opening of Casino Sunborn aboard the luxurious Sunborn Gibraltar super yacht for April 29th, with an official launch date of May 16, 2015. Paf, Penningautomatförening, operates the Finnish gambling monopoloy from the autonomous Åland Islands region of Finland – Sunborn is a Finnish hotelier with extensive holdings throughout Europe.

The CEO of Paf, Anders Ingves  said in a January press release, “The opening of the Casino Sunborn in Gibraltar signifies that Paf’s land-based activities are now taking a big and exciting step into Europe, just like online. The casino will also be a good base for creating synergies with our internet-based business. Our hope is that Paf’s 50-year experience in the gaming industry combined with Sunborn’s knowledge of the international hotel industry will contribute to a unique casino experience for visitors.”

Hans Niemi, Executive Director of Sunborn said, “Sunborn have an excellent partner in Paf for the casino development. As two well established Finnish-based companies we have a strong platform to establish an international casino business in Gibraltar. There is excellent potential for this and other future casino investments for Sunborn in Gibraltar and on board other future yacht hotels.”

Paf was established in 1966 and began offering online games in 1999. They operate on land and sea with as many as 25 ships in the Baltic Sea.

Sunborn is a privately held Finnish company with over 40 years in hospitality. They pioneered the floating hotel concept in Europe.