One of the payment options that is readily available in the United States for online sports betting and casino accounts, is PayNearMe. The payment service is offered via 7-Eleven stores and CVS, allowing players to pay with cash to deposit funds into their iGaming accounts. Just this week, PayNearMe announced that it has spread its services to Walgreens locations, providing even more options for online gamers.

Available at Nearly 9,000 Locations

With the launch, players across the United States can walk into a local Walgreens and utilize PayNearMe for sports betting and online casino gaming. As online gambling continues to expand across the nation, the services give players more opportunities to utilize cash for deposits in a safe and secure way.

Michael Kaplan, the PayNearMe Chief Revenue Officer, and General Manager commented on the new launch, by pointing out 78% of the population in the US live within five miles of Walgreens or a Duane Reade location.

“With Walgreens in our retail network, our clients can now offer their cash-preferred customers even more convenience by allowing them to pay their bills in the same location where they shop.”

To use PayNearMe for iGaming, players must go online and receive a barcode. The barcode is then taken to a local provider, such as Walgreens, and scanned. The cashier then accepts the cash deposit, and the money is added to the online account. It’s a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

PayNearMe also just added over 4,600 Walmart locations to its network via a partnership with Green Dot. This provides even more convenient locations for users.

Adding PayPal and Venmo

The addition of Walgreens marks the latest change for PayNearMe in a series of partnerships this year. Just a few weeks ago, the brand added Venmo and PayPal to its list of payment options in the US. The new providers give PayNearMe more frictionless payment methods.

As customers grow more comfortable with mobile payment methods, PayNearMe takes on the two secure payment options so that players do not have to leave home to utilize the service. Online gaming sites that accept PayNearMe can now allow players to use Venmo or PayPal to easily add cash to an online account.

No third-party apps or plugins are required. Consumers simply use an existing PayPal account or Venmo balance to complete transactions. It’s an added service that gives online sports bettors and casino fans an easy way to deposit funds.