Support for Barney Frank’s Online Gambling Bill HR2267 has grown to 54 co-sponsors.As UIGEA being repealed seems a likely occurrence at this time, online gambling sites are starting to see some changes in policy taking place on the internet.One of the companies with a recent policy change is Paypal.They seem to be preparing for the overturning of UIGEA by once again opening themselves up to payment processing for online bingo sites and casinos.

Paypal is known for their convenience of instantaneous transfers of funds between accounts.Some United Kingdom online casinos and bingo sites are now able to enjoy that convenience once again.The company is proceeding with caution as they hope to avoid legal issues with the United States.

Paypal isn’t the only large corporation venturing back into business with Internet Gambling.Google is accepting gaming ads in the UK once again.They are also hopeful that such ads can be taken in the United States again in the near future.This is their first time venturing back into the Internet Gambling industry ads since they were fined by the United States.