A mistake on the part of a direct mailing business saw 55,000 customers of Penn National Race Course receiving a free slot credits offer through the mail. The offer, intended only for the one thousand most active customers of the race course was for $500 of free slot machine credit, along with two free buffet visits.

It is currently unknown how the mistake occurred, but the company has attempted to reach a satisfactory compromise for the customers who received the offer whilst it investigates-$100 of credits instead, along with two buffet visits. The total cost of the mistake if the company were forced to honor the offer would be in excess of $29 million.

The situation was reported to WGAL-TV by angry customers. Penn National contacted the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, whose regulators were to investigate potential regulatory violations. Further information regarding the current, replacement offer can be found on the website and by calling 717-469-2211.