During a public meeting on Wednesday, a consent agreement was approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).  

It is decided that Stadium Casino RE, LLC, operator of Live! Casino Philadelphia needs to pay a fine of $10,000. This punishment is necessary because of two recent incidents in the restricted areas of the casino, both of which were against Pennsylvanian law 

And what exactly happened at the casino? Individuals, who are strictly prohibited from entering some casino venues, gained access to restricted areas. Also, the board decided to ban 8 persons from the whole casino network in the commonwealth. The reason behind these measures lay in leaving 16 children without supervision to gamble.  

Negotiations between the Office of Enforcement Counsel (OEC) and Stadium Casino RE, LLC have been successful and have led to this approved consent agreement. There weren’t any consent agreements between the OEC and Stadium Casino RE, LLC since the casino’s opening in January last year.  

A woman entered restricted areas of the casino:  

When it comes to the first incident includes a woman who has entered different “back of the house” areas that are forbidden for clients. She has been in restricted areas both in the casino and hotel and in both places, she has stolen items from the casino’s employees.  

In another incident, three casino patrons entered an unsecured area and succeeded in accessing the casino floor. Before the incident, the casino’s security denied access to them and sent them away, but they didn’t want to accept this decision.   

Children left without supervision while adults were in the casino:  

Another recent incident includes adults who left their children without supervision while they entered the casino to gamble. Each one of them will be subjected to criminal prosecution and also permanently banned from all casinos in Pennsylvania 

The punishment is strict because of the Pennsylvanian law – by the law, adults are prohibited from leaving children in potentially dangerous environments for them. There are included different casino venues, such as parking lots, garages, hotels, and other potentially unsafe places for kids.   

All the children were minors, between two and 13 years old, and had been left in different vehicles.  

The PGCB said: “The board’s actions regarding adults who chose to enter a casino while leaving children under their care unattended serves as a reminder that adults are prohibited from leaving minors unattended in the parking lot or garage, a hotel, or other venues at a casino since it creates a potentially unsafe and dangerous environment for the children.   

“Leaving minors unattended at a Pennsylvania casino subjects the offending adult to criminal prosecution in addition to exclusion from all Pennsylvania casinos.”