The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has released the revenue earnings for casinos in the state with operators having earned $71.2 million for the month of October as far as table games are concerned. This was a 5.3% increase from October of 2015 with $3.6 million more in earnings. While certain casinos did quite well, those in the northeastern region of the state had a little difficulty.

The Mohegan Sun Pocono was able to earn $4.6 million from table games which was a 20% increase for the gaming venue. However, the Mount Airy Casino Resort was not so lucky, seeing revenues dip by almost 2%, earning only $3.8 million for the month. Table gaming revenue for the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem was down 10.3%, with $1.9 million in losses and $16.8 million earned in total for the month.

From the table gaming revenues for October, the state was able to receive $11.5 million in total tax gaming revenues. An average of just over 1,200 table games were in operation each day. Table games have done quite well for the state in 2016 as the twelve gaming venues have earned $711 million, producing $114 million in taxes. This is a 6% increase from 2015.

When looking at year to date totals for table gaming revenues, the Sands Bethlehem saw an increase of more than 8%, having earned $191 million for the first ten months of the year. The Mohegan Sun has earned $38.6 million for the year which is actually a decrease from last year of over 6%. Mount Airy has seen a decrease as well for the first ten months of the year compared to last year with 8.9% less in earnings, at $35.5 million through October.