Great news for all of the fans of the Cash Out feature – it will be available for online customers and in Planetwin365 shops for important sports events. 

The placed bets are now entirely controlled – and the user is a priority. Cash out feature brings a new spirit to the old gambling experience. Planetwin365 sportsbook’s users will finally be able to enjoy all of the benefits Cash out offers.

The partnership that the players will love:

All of that is because of the partnership between Planetwin365 and Jacktime. Jacktime is one of the leading providers when it comes to the advanced technologies that the companies use for the easier sports betting experience. Its machine learning algorithms, combined with the experienced developers who gave their all to produce one of the best solutions in the world, led to its sports betting product BETCORE which changed the heart of betting

The customers will be the ones who benefit the most from this product. How? There are many ways: they will be able to withdraw the stakes earlier, even when the game isn’t finished. By doing that, the players will receive the amount which matches the current market odds.

The feature is available for both single bets and multiple ones. Also, it will be available to players before the match and live during the game. The users can bet on football, tennis, and basketball events – so it covers all of the most popular sports in the world. 

The SK365’s omnichannel strategy allows the players to access Planetwin265’s online channels via mobile and desktop devices and, if the players aren’t familiar with online channels, their shops

The sky’s the limit:

There are plans to upgrade the feature, allowing betting to the highest amount of sports and various types of bets.

Jim Parkins, Chief Product and Technology Officer at SKS265, said: “The Cash out launch brings us into a new era of sports betting. It is a huge milestone of our strategy to offer customers an increasingly cutting-edge and more independent gaming experience. We are also particularly proud to be among the first operators in Italy to introduce this new feature on the retail network, too, as part of our multi-channel approach. We are confident that the Cash out will be very much valued by our customers since it will allow them to manage the whole betting experience, from choosing the events to bet on to the winnings collection”.

Maximilian Koch, CEO of Jacktime, also commented on this new feature: “We are excited and proud that SKS365 has chosen to integrate the Jacktime BETCORE engine into its platform as part of this important journey to allow them to have a best-in-class cash out solution on product, technological and trading level. Well done, and a big compliment to all teams involved.”

SKS 365 is one of the leading operators across the world. It is famous for its reliable and creative solutions, offering players the best gaming experience.