In 2016, Playtech acquired property in Riga Old Town that would be used to create the largest Live Casino studio in the gaming industry. Playtech has now migrated their Live Casino room operations to this new Latvia facility, a site that features 8,500 square meters of space.

According to g3newswire, work began immediately on the site after the acquisition to create the next generation Live Casino studio. The project proved to be difficult as Playtech had to keep existing operations running while the new site was under development. Playtech created a phased approach to the project so that the core studio would remain operational while the new facility was being created.

It was earlier this year that the first dedicated room was completed. Sky Casino migrated their operations to the new venue and switched in April to the re-developed offering. Within the next three months, the remaining licensees operating under Playtech would migrate including Paddy Power-Betfair, bet365, Ladbrokes and more.

With the move, Playtech worked to redesign and redevelop each offering based on the specific requirements of the licensee. The goal was to ensure only the most advanced and ultimate gaming experience would be provided within the Live Casino offerings.

After opening the new dedicated rooms, Playtech has seen a nice increase in player traffic as gamers are adapting to the new Live experiences on offer. Licensees have provided quality feedback, telling the software provider just how excited and pleased they with their offerings and potential to see even more growth in the Live Casino sector.

The new building reportedly features only the latest technology, including state-of-the art cameras, custom-made gaming tables, an advanced center for controlling and monitoring as well as a dealer campus where individuals are trained to provide the highest level of service top layers. The latest software and hardware were used to present players with a new experience in Live Casino gaming, something that has never been seen before.