Pocket Games Soft has created a new 3D video slot game that has Hindus quite upset. The game is titled, Ganesha Gold, and features Hindu deities and symbols/concepts of the Hindu religion. Individuals are now asking the mobile game development company to withdraw the game as they feel it is inappropriate.

Not Okay:

Rajan Zed, is a Hindu statesman who spoke out about the game to the media. Zed said that the usage of Hindu deities, concepts and symbols in the game is inappropriate in a commercial setting or within another agenda as it hurts devotees.

It was pointed out that the Lord Ganesha is revered by Hindus and is meant to be worshiped within the home or in temples and not for the public in an online gambling setting based on the greed of a company.

According to a pres release…

Zed is the President of the Universal Society of Hinduism and has used his position to ask the company to apologize publicly for the game’s creation and to recall the title. The game showcases, Lord Ganesha, a Hindu deity, and associating the deity with gambling is considered insensitive.

Seeking Intervention:

To see the game removed, Zed is urging the Malta Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services to become involved as well as members of the Malta Gaming Authority. He believes that the MGA should act because it is their duty to monitor licensed gaming, ensuring the integrity of games and devices.

The efforts have gone one step further as  Zed has suggested that Pocket Games Soft partners, such as Relax Gaming and Leander should send executives to training in cultural and religious sensitivity as well as do their homework when it comes to designing new products in the industry.