Yesterday marked the very first day that the Rhode Island casino, Twin River, offered poker gaming options. The Twin River Casino debuted the game of poker just after the noon hour, providing sixteen gaming tables. Within just one hour of offering the poker games, the casino had around 130 players enjoying the action.

Vice President and General Manager of Twin River, Craig Sculos, stated that the game of poker was the final one the casino needed to become a full-blown casino. According to dealers, the first day was a little crazy but as the nerves move out, the dealers will be fine.

Each poker table can seat 10 players and there are two games offered; Texas hold’em and seven-card stud. During the weekdays, the tables are open from noon to 4 am. From Friday to Monday, the tables open in the afternoon on Friday and run continuously until Monday.

Twin River Management is hoping to move their casino license from Newport Grand to Tiverton, on the Massachusetts border.  If desired by locals, they may offer a full suite of casino games there as well, rather than the ‘simply slots’ offer currently available in Newport.