Authorities in Poland have reportedly issued a statement reiterating their stand that residents who play on an unlicensed online casino are breaking the law and could be hit with a financial penalty worth the equivalent of $1.1 million.

According to a Monday report from, the declaration from the country’s Finance Ministry and National Revenue Administration revealed that this steep punishment is in accordance with Article 23 of the fiscal penal code and may also be applied to Polish residents gambling abroad. The source detailed that the bodies went on to advise the nation’s players and sportsbetting enthusiasts that they should avoid breaking the tenets the Gambling Act of 2017 by not utilizing unlicensed iGaming sites or partaking in any illegal games.

Domestic domination:

The joint statement from the Finance Ministry and National Revenue Administration reportedly moreover disclosed that it remains illegal for companies or individuals to use foreign certifications or permits for the purposes of offering online gambling in Poland. It purportedly then promised to sanction severe consequences for any iGaming operator adjudged to have contradicted the tenets of their license that could reach to a maximum fine of $4 million alongside a custodial sentence of up to three years.

Practical prompt:

However, reported that the proclamation later reiterated the legality of promotional lotteries so long as the responsible operator had earlier obtained the appropriate government license. It consequently attempted to help those who enjoy an online flutter by listing a number of the country’s 22 legal iGaming services before advising Polish punters to check out the domain at for updates on any particular site.

Blackball bonanza:

Poland has long attempted to keep its domestic iGaming market free from operators who do not hold a domestic license and is said to maintain an extensive list of ‘blacklisted’ sites that reportedly contains the names of over 15,000 domains. The source furthermore asserted that the nation of some 38 million people adds new services to this proscribed inventory on an almost daily basis with recent outcasts said to have encompassed and

Essential earner:

The new decree from the Finance Ministry and National Revenue Administration is essentially an indication that Poland now reportedly intends to treat accessing an unlicensed online casino and sportsbetting site as a tax offense. With the new rules similarly running to affiliates, the pronouncement is likewise an affirmation that authorities in the Eastern European nation intend to protect an industry that serves as a valuable source of tax revenues.