Over the weekend, it was reported by Xinhua news that 94 individuals were arrested by police in China. Those arrested were thought to be involved in a cross-border gambling ring worth $72 billion. The activities of the gambling ring reportedly moved throughout Southeast Asia with over 400 gamblers having been brought to Myanmar and Laos to gamble.

Members of the gang were arrested in the Shanxi province by police of Jincheng city after it was discovered that more than 500 billion yuan had been wagered in the process. This is equal to just over $72 billion in US dollars. The gambling ring was reportedly discovered three years ago, in 2013, after an individual was murdered due to unpaid gambling debt. As the raid took place and arrests were made, eight individuals who been detained by the gambling ring due to unpaid debts were rescued by police.

It is not uncommon for citizens of China to travel overseas to gamble as the activity is outlawed in China. This year alone, the Chinese Government has made several arrests as individuals have been found luring citizens of China to gamble in other parts of the world. The most publicized case comes from just a few weeks ago when employees of Crown Resorts were detained for gambling offenses in the country.